Profiling a REST API for performance

More applications use web APIs to provide a common interface for other applications, however the number of good profiling tools has not followed. Instead, many rely on internal benchmarking tools that measures on the application itself and not through the API. But many of the advantages of a web framework get lost in this shortcut and does replicate the actual performance for the "customer" of the web API.

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05 Nov 2015 | Tags: REST API Profiling


Up and Running with Mr. Hyde

The successful blogging tools that exist today, are primarily full-blown web systems. They're systems built up of a front-end web application together with a database back-end. But such systems come with a costs; in this case increased complexity and performance. For simple websites (like this one), a static web site generator should be considered if you are familiar with HTML, CSS and JS.

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08 Apr 2014 | Tags: hyde web